California: The Ship Is Sinking - Time To Stand Back And Watch

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California is a Sinking Ship 11/29/10
 Why Conservatives Should Not Waste Their Resources on the Golden State

As a lifelong resident of California, I feel compelled to exhort my fellow conservative brethren here in California to quit wasting their precious resources on efforts to reform this state. It’s too late, we’re too far gone—California is officially a sinking ship. Like any good soldier, I’d be more than happy to stand my ground and work tirelessly to prevent a ship from sinking; but once the enemy has penetrated our defenses and the ship has begun to sink, there’s only one thing left to do—stand back and watch.

Conservatives Have Limited Resources

Each and every one of us has a specified and finite amount of resources. Whether we are talking about our time, energy, money, passion, network, or business, we are all working with limits. It is therefore wise and prudent for us to consider how we expend our resources carefully. If you only have a single $100 bill, would you rather light it on fire for warmth or use it to buy food for your family? Likewise, if you only have $100 to give to a political candidate, would you rather give it to a true conservative state legislator in Arizona who will put it to use to stir up the nation regarding immigration policy, or waste it on a California candidate who, even if elected as a true conservative, has absolutely no chance of accomplishing anything in the legislature anyway? The choice is yours, but remember your resources are limited.

The Case Against California
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