Obama's Contraception 'Compromise' Is A Smokescreen

Posted by Brian
President Obama is expected to announce a plan to "accommodate" religious groups over a mandate requiring religious institutions to provide birth control coverage in their health plans.  This new "compromise" is simply a rephrasing of what has already been mandated - the insurance carried by a religious institution must carry birth control , regardless of the religious tenets of the institution.  So, what we have is an administration issuing an edict which violates the First Amendment, now saying they are only going to violate Freedom of Religion by a half measure.  First, there are no half measures in the Bill of Rights.  This is an attempt by Obama to begin to dismantle the Constitution by piece meal.  He is going after Freedom of religion first, which makes sense.  The Bill of Rights are those rights which are God-given. To make this a "human rights" issue takes God out of the equation. If you take God out of the equation, God-given rights become secondary. It is now a humanist issue, which is the goal of all totalitarian governments.
This is a full frontal assault on the very moorings of this country, whose foundations are of a Judeo-Christian genesis. The Founding Fathers believed that all of our rights came from God. Obama and statists like him believe that rights are given to us by an all powerful central government.
This is not about women's health. This is Obama's attempt to take religion out of the public square and to begin to dismantle the very foundation of what made this the most free, powerful, and wealthy country on earth.

ABC: Obama to ‘accomodate’ religious groups over HHS mandate
Posted by  The Right Scoop on February 10th, 2012

ABC is reporting that the White House, possibly Obama, will attempt to ‘accommodate’ religious groups by announcing this afternoon that health insurance companies will ‘help’ provide the birth control coverage, which I assume means an absorption of the costs by the insurance companies themselves. But unlike Hawaii, religious groups still won’t be able to ‘opt out’ of the coverage:
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