Dems Resurrect Snitch Campaign, Rename It "Truth Team"

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Unable to run on accomplishments, at least ones that the American people want, the Obama Administration is rolling out a new website to "report" negative stories on Obama, and to arm the snitch with the "truth". By truth, I can imagine they mean to counter negative economic news with "facts" like 250K jobs "created" last month, but conveniently omitting the fact that 1.2 MILLION people dropped out of the system all together during the same period. You mean those kind of "facts"?

Obama’s Attack Watch returns as … “Truth Team”

Allahpundit officially wins the Attack Watch Dead Pool, BuzzFeed informs us today, as the Obama re-election campaign rolls out yet another Snitch Central apparatus for its 2012 efforts.  Last September, AP predicted that the much-derided Attack Watch would remain in place because, as Mary Katherine Ham tweeted at the time, “#AttackWatch is metaphor for Obama 08 vs. 12. Same product, subtract style, sprinkle desperation.”  You can still smell the desperation in the new Truth Team effort, which incorporates Attack Watch as one of its components:

 President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign announced early Monday that it is launching a new site to enable supporters to promote Obama’s successes and “hold Republicans accountable.”  The new site incorporates the AttackWatch brand, which was met by ridicule from the GOP when it was announced last year, and encourages Obama supporters to “report” attacks from Republicans.  “The goal is to ensure that when Republicans attack President Obama’s record, grassroots supporters can take ownership of the campaign and share the facts with the undecided voters in their lives,” said Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter in a release.  The campaign is also setting up “truth teams” in swing states this week, receiving help from allied unions.
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