Pelosi: Religious Freedom Is An 'Excuse'

Posted by Brian
Pelosi, Democrats, and the left are in full screech about Obama's mandating that Catholic institutions provide contraception, against their religious doctrine. I wonder why Nancy Pelosi even continues to call herself a Catholic, as she has consistently stood against many of the doctrines of the church.  I suspect that it is more a political convenience at this point, due to the large numbers of Catholics in in California.
This attack on an organized religion though, is less about the Catholic Church and more a full frontal assault on the first Amendment of the Constitution.
This is not an attack on women.  No one is saying that any woman should not be able to go get birth control. Since when is a Catholic institution the only place that a person can get medications or contraceptives? There are drug stores on every other corner these days.  For poor women, contraception is free at Planned Parenthood.  No this is but one more attack on the Constitution and the very fabric of our society.
Leftist have for years claimed that the Constitution is a 'living, breathing document', which is their way of saying that they don't like what's in it, and they should be able to change it at their whim, whether through the courts, or with governmental mandates.  They don't like all of the messiness of actually having to go through the amendment process spelled out by the framers. That would require having to actually have an intellectual argument that would win over 2/3 of Americans to ratify their nutty, and dangerous ideas.
Welcome to the war on liberty!

Pelosi: Contraception Mandate is About ‘Women’s Health,’ Religious Freedom is an ‘Excuse’

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