Rapper M.I.A.: Controversy Not A New Thing

Posted by Brian
Rapper M.I.A., who flipped off viewers during the Super Bowl halftime show is no newcomer to controversy. She has had an anti-American video banned due to its graphic violence and sexual content, has done songs favorable to suicide bombers and the Taliban, and supports a Sri Lankan separatist group known as the Tamil Tigers.
A real sweetheart.

Rapper Who Gave 'Finger' To Super Bowl Viewers Had Graphic Video Pulled By YouTube; Depicted U.S. Soldiers Shooting Civilians, Crack-Smoking, Nudity

Rap singer M.I.A., who gave “the finger” to America and the world during Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime show, has offended before - putting out a graphic, obscene, anti-American music video that was banned by YouTube.
The video, “Born Free,” which depicts U.S. soldiers rounding up, beating, and killing red-headed civilians and children, also works in some frontal nudity and crack-pipe smoking for good measure. The video was reportedly banned by banned by YouTube.com. Now, it appears to be back, but you have to certify you're at least 18 years old and ignore a YouTube "warning" to see it.

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