Liberal Black Radio Host To Black Conservative Female: I'm Afraid Your Whiteness Might Rub Off On Me"

Liberal/Socialist Memphis talk radio host Thaddeus Matthews illustrates in this video (NOT posted by a Tea Party supporter) the steep mountain that blacks have to scale in this country to hold an ideological belief outside of the "mainstream" consciousness in the liberal black community.  As we all know, blacks in this country are supposed to be monolithic in their thinking. The Jesse Jackson's, Al Sharpton's, and this intellectual bag of hammers remind us of this "fact" all the time.
Matthews uses well-worn cliches in this curse-filled racist rant, in an attempt to intimidate his guest, GOP candidate for Congress Charlotte Bergmann, calling her a "token negro that white folk have control over", calling her a "sellout", and 'aksing' her repeatedly "what she is going to do for the black community".
This is illustrative of the attitude of too many in the liberal power structure and in the African-American community.  He had virtually no interest in hearing her answers, talking over everything she said while telling her not to talk over him.  His ignorance is without end, as is his mindless allegiance to a Democrat power structure, with the assistance of race-pimps such as Jackson and Sharpton, that has thrown scraps to those in the black community in the form of welfare, food stamps, and substandard government assisted housing (slums), while putting up economic and social roadblocks to their success.
Matthews, and others like him, are the ones who are still on the plantation, too willfully ignorant to know it, and help to keep those in their community just as uninformed and in economic bondage.  It is when a Charlotte Bergman, or Star Parker, or Allen West step off of Matthews ideological plantation that we all see them for who they really are. An intolerant, race-baiting bully.
Caution: Offensive Language
Part 1 of Rant

Part 2 of the rant

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