MSNBC: Racist Republicans Want Obama To Fail Because He's Black

What passes for "serious" political analysis by this hack from the Huffington Post falls back on the age-old leftist tactic of race-baiting the opposition. In the alternate universe of the left, everything regarding Barack Obama is seen through a racial lens. In wanting Obama to fail it is incomprehensible to them that we see his policies as being destructive to the country, and that his success in getting them through legislatively and otherwise is detrimental to the country. In their twisted thinking it can only be racist, religious zealots who can't stand the thought that a black man is in the Oval Office. The fact that his economic and energy policies. his "green" initiatives and overall anti-business stance have put up immovable roadblocks to any meaningful recovery is antithetical to their way of thinking. It has to be his race which is behind the disapproval.
As Obama's poll numbers continue to fall it is important to note that a good percentage of those who are dissatisfied with Obama's policies are people who voted for him in 2008. Have they also become racist religious nut-jobs the last two and a half years? I guess we are not supposed to think about that.
This is going to become manifested in more virulent, and more personal attacks, and with greater frequency, as the left becomes mentally unhinged with the realization that, as Obama's poll numbers continue to drop, his reelection chances will begin to fade.
Watch as the "post-partisan" veneer of Barack Obama sheds like the skin of a snake during this election season. His campaign, with the help of a willing media, will become one of the nastiest, and most divisive, in terms of personal destruction, that this country has ever seen in electoral politics.

MSNBC On GOP Faith: Bachmann, Palin, Perry Use Religion Like Snake Oil Salesmen & Religious Right Are Racist Who Want Obama To Fail Because He Is Black

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