Al Gore: Debating Global Warming Akin To Bull Connor Racism

Al Gore Says Debating With Him On Climate Science is Moral Equivalent of Racism
On the one hand, I find it comical how Algore brings up Bull Connor (a Democrat) and civil rights in the 60's, seeing as how his father, Senator Al Gore Sr., was a segregationist who voted against the Civil Rights Act. On the other hand, it is hard not to be infuriated by the condescension dripping from Algore's every word. He is finally beginnig to realize that he is losing the war on his global warming snake oil and is becoming more unhinged and angry. On top of that, you have this interviewer who points out that the science is settled on CO2 trapping heat, right on the heels NASA reporting that the effect is overblown

Here we have Al Gore losing it during a profanity-laced speech at the Aspen Institute.

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