Idiot Of The Day: Debbie Wasserman Schultz - "We've Really Begun To Turn The Economy Around"

Posted by Brian
After reports this week that the economy essentially flat-lined during the first two quarters of the year, you have to wonder how this woman can keep a straight face.  9.2% unemployment, the housing maret in a depression, and the economy growing at 0.4%, this woman can still go on national television (well semi-national, it is MSNBC) and lie through her teeth to the American public.

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"Well, we're going to focus on what we know is the number one priorities on Americans ease minds right now, that is creating jobs and continuing to get this economy turned around. If we have to drag the Republicans with us, then we'll do that, but, you know, it's been a whole lot of months, eight months they have controlled the house with no jobs bills coming to the Floor. Hopefully now with this compromise on the debt ceiling behind us, with the opportunity, with the economic to sit down and focus on longer-term deficit reduction that will have some balance and ask some sacrifice for our most fortunate
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