Today's Amerika - Another Child's Lemonade Stand Shut Down By Authorities

Posted by Brian

Growing up in the midwest it was not unusual to see young 7 or 8 year old entrepreneurs setting up lemonade stands on a hot day to give the occasional passerby a little refreshment from the day's heat. Sometimes the lemonade was a little sour or too sweet. Or maybe the ice had all melted and it wasn't cold enought to be refreshing.  Regardless, the customer would give the kid a nickle or a dime, sometimes even tipping the young boy or girl.  Occasionally, the "owner" of the lemonade stand would have trouble figuring out the right change.  No matter. The customer would help out the little one, giving him or her a quick lesson in money handling.  It wasn't the lemonade that was the draw.  We all knew that the kids were learning valuable life lessons that they would use later on. Creating a product, customer service, supply and demand, handling money. Now, with all of the nanny state rules and regulations, we are taking these simple educational joys away from our youngsters.  I have heard of at least 4 of these stories from aroundthe country in just the last several months.  It may not seem like much, but people need to stand up to their city councils and insist that common sense be reinstituted into out lives.  If they are not responsive, we need to put them out on their asses. Shutting down kids lemonade stands, forcing peole to remove American flags from their own property, and all of these little things will add up to a whole lot of tyranny if citizens don't take a stand.
It is time to stand up.

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