Proposed Libya Constitution Grounded On Sharia Law

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Libyan rebels celebrate
The dust has barely settled in Tripoli, in what appears to be Gadhafi's last stand as dictator of the N. African country, and the latest saga of the "Arab Spring" has taken another turn towards creating another Islamist state.  News reports have world leaders falling all over themselves to pat themselves on the back and take credit for this 'freedom movement'.  U.S. President Barack Obama dragged himself off the beach at his his Martha's Vineyard retreat to say, ""The people of Libya are showing that the universal pursuit of dignity and freedom is far stronger than the iron fist of a dictator."
Moammar Gadhafi is definitely a horrible despot whom Libya would have been better off without decades ago,  but for the media and others to begin celebrating is a bit premature.  It is unclear at this point of who, or what is going to fill the leadership vacuum in the country. If initial reports are any indication, the Muslim Brotherhood may have swept into power in in Libya, as it looks like they have in Egypt.  The proposed draft constitution for Libya puts Sharia Law as its "principal source of legislation". This has the islamist Muslim Brotherhood (and in my opinion, Iranian fingerprints are all over every one of these Arab Spring uprisings across the Middle East) written all over it.
View the proposed constitution below:

Libya Draft Constitutional Charter for the Transitional Stage
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