Debt Crisis - Why The Tea Party Didn't Win

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Good interview with Tea Party Founder Mark Meckler.  Keep in mind that the interviewer and the magazine are from the lefty magazine Der Spiegel, so the questions ard into are loaded with terms like "radical right" and the interviewer sees things through a european socialist lens.

Interview with Tea Party Co-Founder Mark Meckler

'We Have Compromised Our Way Into Disaster'

Mark Meckler, 49, the co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots in the United States, talks to SPIEGEL about the US debt ceiling, the radical right's uncompromising fight against the national debt and the "complete economic disaster" he claims President Barack Obama has created.

SPIEGEL: The world is looking at Washington and sees gridlock and chaos. How much have the negotiations over the United States' debt ceiling hurt America's standing in the world?

Meckler: Saying that these debates have hurt our image is absurd. What you currently see in Washington is one of the most responsible debates ever about the size and scope of government. The world should look at what is going on in the United States as a model for what should happen in all countries.

SPIEGEL: We look at it and see a Congress held hostage by a small group of radical Tea Party members unwilling to agree to any budget compromise and risking a US default.

Meckler: What do you mean by "a small group?" Forty-one percent of voters in the last US election said they agreed with Tea Party values. And the primary values of the Tea Party are about fiscal responsibility.
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