Does V.P. Joe Biden Support Forced Abortions?

While El Presidente Obama is hanging in the Hamptons, Joe Biden has gone to China to...well, nobody knows what the hell he's doing there, but he's there. And it hasn't taken him long to let the Chinese know what we here in the U.S. have known for at least a decade - he's a loudmouthed blowhard who can't keep both feet out of his mouth.  If the purpose of his trip is to embolden the ChiComs to put a full court press on the Obama administration on all fronts, then I guess his trip is going to be a total suuccess.
What did Biden say? Biden: “Your policy has been one which I fully understand — I’m not second-guessing — of one child per family."
Fully understands? Fully understands what?  Forced abortions? Forced sterilizations? Fines and jail for those who don't comply, or for those who help hide them?
What other regime practiced eugenics on this level?  The Nazis!
Here Biden is put into a position (Vice President) that historically is pretty innocuous. It's mostly a place holder in case the President is incapacitated. No real duties. Joe Biden is not even qualified to do that.

Biden to China: “Not Second-Guessing” One-Child Policy

by Steven Ertelt Beijing, China  LifeNews.com  8/22/11 1:05 PM

Vice-President Joe Biden is in China to attempt to revive the financial image of the United States after a first-ever downgrade in its financial rating. In attempting to explain some of the financial concerns the U.S. faces, Biden failed to criticize China’s one-child policy.
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