Shamed: Communist China Tells U.S. To Be Financially Responsible

Posted by Brian
While Democrats and RINO Republicans blame the Tea Party for "holding the country hostage", and "acting like terrorists" during the debt ceiling debacle, China and Russia are blasting Washington for NOT doing what the Tea Party and millions of other Americans begged them to do - cut spending and get the budget under control.  Embarrassing.

Communist China Urges U.S. to Handle Debt Responsibly

Wednesday, August 03, 2011
By JOE McDONALD , Associated Press

BEIJING (AP) - China's central bank governor urged Washington to handle its debt responsibly, warning Wednesday that uncertainty in the market for Treasury debt might harm a global economic recovery.

China is the biggest foreign owner of Treasury debt and had appealed to U.S. leaders to protect its $1.1 billion in holdings during last week's debate over raising Washington's borrowing limit and avoiding a possible default
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