"Madcow" Maddow Spins Her Socialist Agenda On CitiBank Arrests

Posted by Brian

Vintage Maddow Deceit in Describing Arrest of OWS Protesters at Citibank

Nice to see Rachel Maddow isn't letting all those years wishing she worked at Pravda go to waste.

The earnest barbershop tenor in MSNBC's nightly quartet gave an eerily similar version of how the house organ of Soviet communists would have covered the arrests of two dozen Wall Street protesters at a Citibank branch in Manhattan. (video after page break)
Here's Maddow's take on the incident after she told her audience Monday night of Citigroup (which owns Citibank) posting a 74 percent profit in the third quarter of 2011, three years after the bank was bailed out with $45 billion from TARP --

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