Mexican President Complains Of "Burden" Of U.S. Sending Mexican Citizens Back To Mexico

Posted by Brian
h/t to Mark Levin
Felipe Calderon, as well as his predecessors, have been exporting their poorest citizens to the U.S. for decades, providing them "how-to" manuals on getting across the border illegally. Meanwhile, they do nothing to address the issues in their own corrupt system in regard to poverty, police corruption, and drug cartels in their country. It's somewhat humorous, while also infuriating, to see him now complain that his own citizens are being sent back across the border into their own country. Huevos gigantes!

After Arizona passed a mandatory E-Verify law in 2007, lots of illegal aliens left the state and headed back across the border. Mexican officials were outraged at the burdens imposed on them by these immigrants:

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