In Flint, Michigan, Biden Warns Of More Rapes And Murders If Jobs Bill Not Passed

Joe Biden is one step away from the oval office. This should send a chill down the backs of every American. In this, his latest outrageous example of verbal diarrhea, the Vice President makes another illogical leap of sanity, claiming that increased rapes and murders will occur if Obama's jobs bill is not passed.  This is of course an attempt to paint the GOP as obstructionist to everything that Barry proposes. What he, and the other Democrat attack dogs, fails to mention is that Harry Reid can't even get all of the Democrats to vote for more and more of these legislative bills being proposed.
Just more demonization of of opponents of the Obama agenda which more and more Americans are find increasingly hard to stomach.

In Flint, Michigan, Vice President Biden warned residents that if the "American Jobs Act" isn't passed that there will probably be more rapes and murders in the city and across the nation.

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