Solyndra and Crony Capitalism: The Obama Scandal That Wasn't

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When is a scandal not a scandal?  Apparently when the Obama administration can be tied directly to it, and the media refuses to do any serious investigative reporting of it. While the gloriously unkempt masses are marching down on Wall Street against capitalism, this should be the poster child for the type of capitalism we should all be against.  This is "crony-capitalism" at it's worst.  The government, in this case Barack Obama and his administration personally, picking winners and losers in the private sector, using taxpayer dollars.  In Solyndra's case, there were red flags everywhere that this company was going to fail no matter what.  Obama and Congress gave a half a billion dollars to a company that had no - zero, zip, nada - chance of succeeding.  Even the employees of the company knew it. But Obama used this boondoggle to advance his "green" agenda.  And Solyndra was out of business within a year of receiving, let me say it again, a half BILLION dollars of taxpayer money.  Where did this money go?  Nobody is saying, and apparently Obama, the media, and Congress aren't interested in finding out.
What do you think the chances are that this money has been laundered into the pockets of Solyndra executives, the Democrat National Committee, and the Obama 2012 reelection campaign?
The American people want to know.  Hopefully there are some in Congress that are equally curious - and pissed off.  This whole deal stinks on ice and people should be going to jail.

A Green Whitewash

Walter Cronkite's longtime producer Leslie Midgley once wrote that, "News is what an editor decides it is." News today is what TV producers decide can help President Obama. News that hurts isn't news at all.
In the last week, network anchors like Brian Williams repeated endlessly that the Occupy Wall Street protests are "increasingly resonating." It's the story reporters will declare, "isn't going away" — and they're going to see to it. They are using their microphones like yellow Hi-liter pens to draw attention to it.
Don't you wish journalists would do the opposite on stories they want to drop down the memory hole? You'll never hear "This story has no resonance at all." That could have been said in the brief network attention paid so far to the Obama administration's Solyndra scandal.

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