OWS Crowd Tolerates Anti-Semitism In Its Ranks

By now many of us have heard and/or seen the blatant anti-semitism that has reared its ugly head at many of the OWS rallies across the country. This is not to say that all of the supporters of this movement are anti-semitic. What is disturbing is the lack of people in the movement to denounce these cancers in their midst. While these pieces of slime spew their hatred, people walk by silently, or stand around looking slightly amused. Defacto approval is given by their silence.
Mainstream media has also been nearly silent on this, as well as many other aspects of this movement. They have virtually ignored the groups who have organized, or are funding the movement...Cloward/Piven,the CPUSA,SEIU's Stephen Lerner,ACORN, and many other leftist/Marxist groups. Lerner was essentially advertising this event months before it started. Yet, the media continue to portray it as a spontaneous uprising.
The video below is from an interview on a far-left program called "Russia Today". One of the men, Stephen Katz, who is Jewish, is on panel, talking about the OWS movement. The interview is interesting, but my actual purpose is the vile comments left by OWS supporters in the comments section of this YouTube video. I came across one comment which denounced the anti-semitic tone of some of these vile remarks, tepid though it was.
Lest We Forget.

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TheFuanon 23 minutes ago

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Katz is a paid talking head to downplay the OWS and a member of the same tribe that caused this mess in the first place. Not only the jewsury the bankers have caused but the moral degradation these satanists are promoting

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crossandknots 2 days ago

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waddietwo 2 days ago

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