Cain Surging - Romney Drops to 2nd In Favorability

Posted by Brian
All of the so-called political "experts" have all by ordained Romney as the GOP presidential candidate for 2012.  One small problem: The voters outside the beltway apparently haven't gotten the memo. Romney has dropped to 2nd in favorability behind Herman Cain, and Romney is even being challenged by Newt Gingrich who finished on 6-points back of Romney at 66% favorability.  Even worse, Romney does not seem to be able crack the 30 percent number in Republicans who are likely to vote in the primaries.  So where does the idea come from that Romney is inevitable?  Chris Christie? Joe Scarborough? Chris Christie is being exposed as a lot farther to the left in many of his policies than his You-Tube devotees would have us believe.  On global warming, cap-and trade, TARP, and some other very significant issues, Christie is closer to Obama than to the vast majority of American voters out in the heartland.
As the Republican establishment, with the help of the media, try to tell us who the GOP nominee is, the American people apparently have different ideas.

Gallup: At 77 Percent, Cain Leads Republican Field in Favorable Rating

(CNSNews.com) - Herman Cain has the highest favorable rating of any Republican presidential candidate among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents polled by Gallup, according to a survey released today
Cain's 77-percent favorable rating edges out former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, whose favorable rating is 72 percent, says Gallup.
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