Jon Huntsman Jr.: McCain, Part Douche

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Man-made global warming and cap & trade? Check. In-state tuition and drivers licenses for illegal immigrants? Check.  Mandated universal healthcare? Check. Bring Chinese students to the U.S. for college degrees? Check. Economic policy? He'll have to get back to us on that.

They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again. For Republicans to nominate Jon Huntsman would certainly be insane.  He's John McCain with a better tan. He's Bob Dole with a little more hop in his step (though with Dole the establishment rewarded him with the nomination for the infuriating 'it was his turn' reasoning typical of GOP elites). This guy steps up out of virtually nowhere, with little to no name recognition, except among Beltway and northeastern elites, to run for the highest office in the land. Yet, it is doubtful that the people of Utah would elect this linguine-spined pretender again.  It is believed that the reason that he got elected in Utah in the first place, more because of the name recognition of his father Jon Huntsman, who was solidly conservative, than because of his brilliance as a politician. Under Huntsman, Utah's budget increased by $5.1 billion and he was praised by the liberal Pew Research (red flag) as the best run state in the country.
In fairness, Huntsman does have conservative positions on some issues and is strongly pro-Israel. But he has yet to explain how he can support the anti-business cap and trade and government mandated healthcare with a sound pro-growth economic policy.
The prototypical RINO...Jon Huntsman
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If you’re not familiar with the term RINO it means Republican in Name Only. There never was a better example of that than Gov. Jon Huntsman. Why this man is running for president as Republican may be one of life’s great mysteries. Some believe that Huntsman is a liberal plant. While this may seem far-fetched, Huntsman’s appearance on TV Sunday sure went a long way to give credence to that view.

Huntsman gave yet another demonstration of his anti-conservative views on ABC Television’s This Week program Sunday morning. A partial transcript of Huntsman’s comments can be found at This Week Huntsman Transcript.
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