More Attention Really Does Need To Be Paid To Ron Paul

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Ron Paul's supporters have been very vocal lately about the lack of press that he gets.  Well, I'm certainly not the press, but at least I can affect my little corner of the world regarding Rep. Paul's views and some of his history, which I'm sure that some of my friends who are Paul supporters won't appreciate. In fact, my several encounters with Ron Paul supporters have shown them to be unwilling to look at any beliefs other than their own, eerily similar to the supporters of Obama. The cult of personality is a strong master.
I actually agree with some of what Ron Paul says as it relates to fiscal matters and domestic policies.  But, there is a huge chasm between Ron Paul's foreign policy ideas and where I stand. There are definite undercurrents in his policies/ideas of racism, anti-semitism, and outright hostility toward Israel.  His isolationist policy ideas have far more in common with George McGovern and Woodrow Wilson than Ronald Reagan or Calvin Coolidge.
The American Spectator's Lord has written a great article as a primer to educating the public on some of the less well-known quirks of the Paul Doctrine.
Ron Paul and the Neoliberal Reeducation Campaign
By Jeffrey Lord on 8.23.11 @ 6:09AM

To bring about radical and permanent change in any society, our primary focus must be on the conversion of minds through education.
-- Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul


Somebody needs to say this.

Does Ron Paul have a lot of interesting ideas he puts forward as a presidential candidate?

Yes. From his honestly libertarian views (he was the 1988 Libertarian presidential nominee, so he's been at this a long time) to his willingness to challenge the status quo on economics (questioning the role of everything from sugar subsidies to the Federal Reserve) to his emphasis on the Constitution and the Founding Fathers, Congressman Paul has been fearless in sticking with his principles. And in bringing new ideas -- or old ideas -- to an American electorate that has been staggered by the far-left reality that is the Obama Administration.

But as complaints surface in the wake of his strong showing in the Iowa Straw Poll, complaints from Paul supporters and candidate Paul himself that he is not receiving the attention that is his due -- someone should say the Congressman and his supporters are correct. There should be -- must be -- more attention paid to the Paul campaign.
More at The American Spectator
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