Sen. Reid - Bend Over, Here It Comes Again

Reid: Joint Committee Must Include Taxes Or Trigger Will Kick In

This troll would have all of us out of work and dependent on the government. Apparently, there is nothing that Congress can find to cut from a $1.6 trillion deficit. If this jerk thinks that 2010 was a watershed election, he hasn't seen pissed off. This goes for jerks like McCain, Snowe, Collins, et al, in the Republican Party as well. There is not a single argument that can be made that will convince me that there are not HUGE cuts that can be made in the federal budget without raising taxes. And notice, these gutless wonders rarely even use the words "raise taxes" anymore. They are now called "revenue enhancements". They don't have cojones to say it because they know that the voters will go ballistic. Cover it up with some benign sounding term. One which doesn't cause ones ears to perk up and start paying attention.
Reid is talking about new taxes, but this is only the beginning. Wait until 2013, when Obama's Health Care really kicks in, and all of the taxes that are going to be triggered by that monstrosity.
If these jerks are not kicked out in 2012, Democrats and liberal Republicans alike, and replaced by fiscal conservatives, who are constitutionally sound in to their core, we are screwed.

Posted by Brian