Think You Know Obama? Bet You Didn't Know THIS!

Posted by Brian

I rue the fact that I did not come across this video a year ago.  I am more upset that the information he covers in this presentation has been completely ignored by the mainstream media outlets.

Trevor Loudon, a pro-American New Zealander, has compiled not only the most complete background of Barack Obama to date, he bookends it with what it means for the United States in the future.

This is information that every American should know, not only about Barack Obama, but of the people he has surrounded himself with, including Valerie Jarrett, David Axlerod, and Leon Panetta.  He leads you on a journey through the lives, contacts, mentors  and organizations which shaped the life of not only Barack Obama, but of the aforementioned as well.  It is an incestuous web in which the same names and organizations appear in the lives of each of these people time and again.

America faces a host of difficulties today which include the economic recession, unemployment, out-of-control spending, the rise of China and Russia, a nuclear Iran, radical Islam, and many others. Loudon lays out in detail THE most serious issue facing the United States today, which are none of the above.  It is the socialist agenda of the Barack Hussein Obama, and the Progressive movement in the country, moving at breakneck speed to collapse us economically, and worse, to weaken us militarily to that of other non-Superpowers.

Without defeating the agenda of Obama and the Marxist left, we will be incapable of taking on the other issues.

This video, along with another video ("Grinding America Down"), which I am posting immediately after this, are not only two of the most important things you may ever watch, it is also imperative that you pass them on to everyone you know. The media will not expose Barack Obama, his past, his future agenda, and the danger he poses not only to the United States, but to freedom loving people everywhere.  Bookmark this and set aside some time to watch both, either alone, with your family, or some friends.  They are well worth the time, and their importance can not be understated.

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