Teacher Conducts Shocking Racism Experiment with Third Graders!! [VIDEO]

Posted by Brian

From 1970!
A classroom experiment, in which third-graders are told that blue-eyed people are better than brown-eyed people.  Within fifteen minutes, the blue-eyed children were discriminating against the brown-eyed kids, even getting into fights on the playground.

Remember, these are young children.  Malleable. Impressionable. Open to suggestion by a trusted authority figure.

Now, think about what is being taught to our children today. Much of their school day is filled, not with the three R's, but with "cultural" subjects, and more often than not, has nothing to do with the American culture. American history is now anti-American history.  Groups like Planned Parenthood are brought in to "teach" our children where they can go to get condoms, birth control pills, and "reproductive services" (abortions), even telling them how to do it without mom and dad finding out. "Health" classes  are not about health anymore, but are instead promote LGBT agendas. Science classes promote propaganda provided by far-left environmentalists.  In Virginia, a teacher told her 6th-grade class that Republicans are "stupid", and only care about "wealthy" people and "businesses". Kind of scary when you juxtapose it against what you see and hear in the video, isn't it?

I find this video interesting, not so much for the subject matter, but in illustrating for us the astonishing ease in which these children can be manipulated in such a short period of time.

I hope this shows all of us to be aware of what a teacher or school district can accomplish in shaping the minds of your children and teens, and that we all be more involved in their education.

Remember this from 2009? A little more disturbing after watching the above video now, isn't it?

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