Judge: You Have No God-given Right To Choose What Food You Eat

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What does tyranny look like?  Some Wisconsin families are finding out first-hand after a judge ruled that they cannot drink milk from their own cows, but are prevented from doing so by the state.  The judge ruled that they are bound by the rules and regulations of Wisconsin and ruled that their family farm is, by law, a dairy.
This is not the first that you may have heard of local and federal agents going after Americans for eating or drinking "unlawfully".  Here are just a few stories regarding this kind of tyrannical behavior:

Got Raw Milk? Be Very Quiet

So, how far should the FDA and the feds go where what we eat or drink is concerned.  Of course there are public health issues be taken into account, but the law is written in such a way that, if they suspect (with no evidence) that a food item might be tainted that they can seize the food.  And seize it they do - with full SWAT regalia and guns drawn, like a scene right out of The Blues Brothers.  Even if they have reasonable suspicion that items may pose a public health issue, the full military show of force tactics can only be there for one reason - to create intimidation and fear.  Do they really believe that an Amish family sitting around the table poses the same risk as a sophisticated marijuana operation or meth lab?

Let me know what you think.  I am interested in other points of view as well as those that agree with me.

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