Pelosi: Happy Days Are Here Again!

Just when I thought we couldn't sink any lower, we are blessed with this jewel from Nancy Pelosi about the "benefits" of unemployment checks: "This is one of the biggest stimulus's to our economy.. economists will tell you this money is spent quickly, it injects demand into the economy, and is job creating.. it creates jobs faster than almost any other initiative that you can name." 
After I checked to make sure I had really heard what I thought I heard, it all became clear.  Obama is a genius!  He's destroying private sector jobs to stimulate the economy and to create jobs.  Shutting down the oil platforms in the gulf, and thus putting all those roughnecks out of work, is brilliant!  He is doing it for their own good.  They just don't realize it yet, but when it dawns on them...whoo! Happy days are here again!
I really do think this woman is mentally defective.  How else to explain that she believes the average American is going to buy the excrement that is spewing forth from her mouth.  This is what passes for intellectual genius at the highest levels of government.  I mean, this woman is third in line to the Presidency!  She can barely string together a coherent sentence, and on those rare occasions that she is able to, it drips with complete contempt for the American public.  If we don't take the Democrats out of the majority in November so that she loses her Speaker position, I truly fear for our country.
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