Global Warming: Change The Debate

There is an editorial in the Fresno Bee today (July 14, 2010) in which columnist Clarence Paige reports on the fact that scientists who were accused of manipulating climate data were cleared of charges in the East Anglia e-mail scandal.  Therefore, according to Mr. Paige, those who believe that global warming is a hoax have been discredited, and we need to move forward on the global warming agenda.
 This got me to thinking about this whole "debate".  You know: the one where, if you don't believe in global warming, then you are a "denier". We are "deniers" because, according to the faithful, there is no debate.  The science, in their mind, is settled ("We have a consensus.").  The term denier is used by the global warming crowd to make a not-so-subtle connection to the Holocaust of the Jews in WWII.  In their mind, global warming is the next great holocaust.  The problem is, and the left has been very subtle about this, is that the debate has been changed from "Man-made" global warming to simply, global warming.  This is the same tactic that has been used in the so-called immigration debate, where opponents of "illegal" immigration are painted as opposing all immigration and that any opposition has racial overtones.  Global warming is a fact.  It has occurred many times throughout history, and without any help from humans. Much of global warming has been blamed on the internal combustion engine, and other things involved with the industrial revolution.  How then, to explain The Medieval Warming Period, which occurred from 1000 AD through 1350 AD?  Or conversely, what was the cause of the "Little Ice Age of 1400 AD to 1860 AD?  The fact is, global warming and cooling has happened numerous times throughout our planet's history, and all without the help of humans.  We are told, and the U.S. Supreme Court agreed, that CO2 is a main contributor to global warming.  The fact is, human contribution to atmospheric CO2 is approximately .028% of the contribution to the "greenhouse" effect.  The largest contributor to global warming is, by far, water vapor, which accounts for 95% of  earth's greenhouse effect. As this knowledge is becoming more well-known, the EPA has been seeking to have "water vapor" listed as a "pollutant!
Why is CO2 being singled out by the global warming and "Cap and Trade" crowd?  The answer is simple: This whole debate is not, and has never been, about global warming. This is about the redistribution of wealth!  Global warming is simply the vehicle to get us there.
Cap and Trade: There will be a great number of those Senators and Representatives who will have been voted out on November 2nd.  This lame duck Congress is going to take advantage of those 2 months between the election, and the swearing in of the new members in January, to try to ram through as much legislation as possible.  Unless there is great pressure put on these members, many who have nothing else to lose due to their election defeats, Cap and Trade is sure to be on that agenda.
Effects of Cap and Trade:  Cap and Trade would put severe economic strains on the economy and on individuals.  According to the Heritage Foundation, Senate Bill S.2191, would "act as a regressive tax on the poor".  Additionally, "the net job losses from S. 2191 are estimated by Charles River Associates to be 1.2 million to 2.3 million by 2015." In addition. many of these jobs are going to be permanently lost through outsourcing and the increase of manufacturing costs. (See "Beware of Cap and Trade Climate BillsPublished on December 6, 2007 by Ben Lieberman WebMemo #1723")
Though the economic results would be devastating to our economy, the effect on the climate would be negligible, even by the estimates of the Kyoto Treaty.  Kyoto estimates that if all parties were in full compliance, the overall effect on temperature by 2050 would be .07 degrees (C).
Make no mistake, this is not about the planet.  This is about transferring trillions of dollars of wealth from the United States, and other advanced countries, to third-world tin-pot dictators.  This is to "even the playing field".
Those on the side of a robust, capitalist economy need to quit debating temperatures and climate, and start changing the debate to what it really is: left-wing Marxist environmentalists attempting to bring this country to its knees by destroying its economic base with trumped up, unscientific, scare-mongering.  This is not about climate.  It is about money and power.
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