Lindsey Graham Betrays Conservatives Again

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Lindsey Graham ( R - SC )
Even though I predicted back on June 30th that Lindsey Graham would be the lone Republican vote that would allow Elena Kagan to clear the Judiciary Committee and be brought up for a full Senate vote, I still held out hope that Goober Graham would vote "No" on a nominee who is clearly unqualified.
  His rambling 15 minute excuse as to why he was voting "Yes" was both embarrassing and maddening.  His reasoning for voting to confirm Elena Kagan to a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court was completely incoherent. He listed among those things which swayed him: "her sense of humor"! What! Apparently what had absolutely no bearing on her qualifications was the fact that she could not answer the question of whether or not the government could tell people what kind of food they had to eat.  Another reason given by this menace was that "elections have consequences".  This is true, as having this Jackwagon sit in the Senate is a constant reminder.  What may also be factor is that Graham had a very long meeting with Vice President Joe Biden  last week.  Hey Lindsey! How many pieces of silver did it take for you to sell out your principles, once again?! 
The President nominates, but it is the Judiciary Committee who are given a solemn duty to determine whether or not that nominee is fit to be given a lifetime appointment to the Court. This apparently isn't the case when Republican nominees are brought before the Committee.  Their confirmation hearings are more like the inquisition, than an attempt to determine the nominee's judicial qualifications and temperament.  Remember Robert BorkClarence ThomasJohn RobertsSamuel Alito?  Robert's wife had to leave the hearings, breaking down in tears, due to the savage personal attacks brought by the Democrats on the committee.  Bork, a great legal mind, was not confirmed due to political, not legal, philosophy.  Clarence Thomas was on the receiving end of one of the greatest smear attacks in the history of confirmation hearings.  So Lindsay, is it only Democrat nominees who get a free pass?  Harriet Meyers was run out before she even got to the confirmation process, and she should have been.  The result was that we got a much more qualified jurist, in Samuel Alito, to sit on the highest court in the land.  Nomination does not equal confirmation!  You sir, did not do your due diligence in this matter, just as you did not do it in the the Sotamayor confirmation.  You have a Constitutional obligation to confirm individuals who are going to hear, and judge, cases based on their Constitutional merit.  Elena Kagan not only didn't show that, she ducked, dodged, and rope-a-doped any question regarding her Judicial philosophy. Elena Kagan may have done her job in hiding her radical views.  Lindsey Graham is a disgrace because he did not do his job. South Carolina needs to do the country a favor and vote this guy out at his next election.
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