Hertz Refuses To Cave To Islamic Supremacy Intimidation

Posted by Brian
More companies need to follow Hertz' lead on this.  The capitulation that is shown by most companies is disgusting. It has only led to more frequent cases of this type of behavior, where Muslims are demanding special rights, and pushing for a sort of de facto sharia law in the workplace, schools, and elsewhere. Bravo Hertz!

Hertz to fight Muslim workers' lawsuit over prayer breaks

These workers refused to clock out to pray. They weren't being denied breaks. They were just not being allowed to get paid to pray. And so, of course, they are suing. But Hertz, unlike most American businesses when faced with Islamic supremacist intimidation lawsuits, is fighting back.
A refreshing instance of anti-dhimmitude and an update on this story. "Hertz to fight Muslim workers' suit over prayer breaks," by Laura L. Myers for Reuters, December 9 (thanks to Twostellas):
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