Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood, Radical Islamists Dominate Elections

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Note to all of those who celebrated the "Arab Spring" uprisings as some spontaneous democracy movement, claiming that the radical islamists were a very small minority with little influence: you are now shown to be the useful idiots many of us were saying you were from day one of the Tahir Square riots. The Code Pink bunch (run by the leftist, anti-Israel Medea Benjamin), all of the liberal Christians who mistakenly think that they can be allied with the Muslim Brotherhood, the New York Times and the other leftist dupes in the media, and the Obama Administration all had it wrong.  While there were many of us conservatives who were saying that this was not spontaneous - it had the fingerprints of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, and Iran all over it - we were all called alarmists, Islamophobes, and crackpots.
Dark times are coming to the Middle East.

Useful Idiot, Medea Benjamin showing solidarity with Tahir Square Protestors

Landslide: Islamists on track to dominate Egyptian parliament

The Journal says the unofficial split is 50 percent for the Muslim Brotherhood and 15 percent for the even more radical SalafistsThe Times says it’s more like 40 percent for the Brotherhood and 25 percent for the Salafists. How it breaks out matters a lot, but the official results have been delayed a day (possibly to be “tweaked”?) so we’ll have to wait to game that out. Remember, though, that this first round of voting is happening in the country’s more liberal areas; if the religious parties are doing this well now, wait until the ballot moves to the countryside. Bottom line: A supermajority, or something close to it, of the new Egyptian parliament will be Islamist. Wonderful.
Rod Dreher’s headline: “Attention, Copts: It’s time to pack.”
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