DNC Chair: GOP Want To "Rig" Election By Requiring Voter Photo ID

Posted by Brian
With softball questions teed up for her by left-wing media hack Martin Bashir. DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, once again proves that she is the one of the most vile persons to ever hold that position.  She even makes Howard Dean look somewhat reasonable.  She states in this interview that requiring voters to be positively identified will cause disenfranchisement, mostly of minorities, specifically African-Americans and Hispanics, lest she neglect to play the time-honored Democrat race card. She then continues to trot out the Democrat talking point that voter fraud is essentially a myth, though there is plenty of evidence to prove otherwise, including 12 officials in Georgia who were arrested just a little over a week ago.  Keep in mind that these are just the people who were arrested, not the number of fraudulent ballots that were cast. Then there is the case  of the race for Governor in Washington State, "won" by Democrat Christine Gregoire by a mere 129 votes, but in which there were 1,400 felons who voted illegally, along with illegal votes cast by 53 dead people, two non-citizens and 27 double votes - more than enough to swing the election. Then of course there was the election "win" of Al Franken in Minnesota, where there were some districts where more votes were cast than there were registered voters.  In fact, his margin of victory was less than the number of illegally voting felons who voted. 113 persons were actually convicted of voter fraud in Minnesota, which was actually only a small percentage of of the people who were investigated, but in which "knowingly" committing voter fraud could not be proven, as ignorance of voting laws is actually a defense in Minnesota. I won't even go into the amount of voter fraud that has been perpetrated by the group ACORN and in which convictions have been obtained in more than. No problem for the Democrats though. "Nothing to see here!" 
The reason that Democrats like Wasserman-Schultz scream bloody murder every time that a proposal is made to ensure voters are who they say they are, and that they are legally allowed to vote, is because the Democrats have had great success with fraudulent voting.

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