Enviro-Wackos in UK Push For "Ecocide" Laws, Equate Oil Spills to Genocide

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Ecocide a crime against peace?

Enviro-Wackos of the world - Unite!
There is a push to have “ecocide” made illegal as a fifth crime against peace. I am at a loss to figure out how harming the environment could be constituted as such, unless you consider nature to be the equivalent of a sovereign nation that the horrible corporate world is waging war against.
Lawyer Polly Higgins likens ecocide to slavery:
To get there, Higgins needs to borrow one more detail from the slavery story: to find a modern Charles Grant willing to stand up among his or her business peers and urge them to support the abolition of ecocide. So who might that be?
Here is a video that introduces the concept:

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