Wis. Teacher Threatened, Bullied By Teachers, Union For Supporting Governor

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Unions and the education establishment continuously tout their support of free speech. They even take kids out of school to participate in protest marches, dubbed "field trips", to give the students a first hand look at what free speech looks like. Apparently their support of free speech doesn't apply to members of their union who may disagree with their official positions.  They have to march to the same drumbeat and have a monolithic school of thought.  If you step outside of that, which is to actually have your own thoughts and opinions, you are ostracized and bullied, which is supposedly what they preach against to the students they teach. Hope all of their students are taking note.  

Union Radicals Harass Teacher Who Dared to Support Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

by Education Action Group
KENOSHA – Apparently there’s no room for free thought or disagreement within the Wisconsin Education Association Council.
We suppose that’s not terribly surprising for a group that has to force its members to join.
Still, it’s troubling to hear that Kristi LaCroix, the courageous public school teacher who had the guts to film a television ad supporting Gov. Scott Walker’s reforms, is being harassed by union zealots to the point where she wants to change careers.
LaCroix, who teaches at Lakeview Technology Academy in the Kenosha school district, recently posted the following on her Facebook page, according a news story from WISN 1130:
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