Obama Doctrine: Middle East Anarchy and War?

Posted by Brian

Obama Support of “Arab Spring”—Clear Marxist Values Leading to Sharia Law Revolution

Sadly, Obama’s only “achievement,” the “Obama Doctrine” of indirect-intervention in other state’s affairs by funding indigenous rebellions is not just failed but threatens increased risk of regional conflict. Proof already exists in Egypt’s recent election where the Muslim Brotherhood have taken a large share of the recent election and now can demand shariah law. Further Arab Spring revolutions are bound to deliver a similar result since we are expecting the Muslim world to spontaneously conform to Western ideas of just government. ¬†But this will never happen of itself but instead will take painstaking nurture instead of simply lighting bombs then walking away.

Curiously, it is Marxism, not Islam, that stands to gain the most from such destructive chaos since Marx claimed that revolution was a precursor to the communist state. So no wonder Barrack delivers munitions and advisers to topple random governments as he believes the net result will always help his beloved socialism. This essay examines this frightening development and asks if we really must go down this road of making the Middle East more Muslim law oriented and less Western sympathetic?
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