Do You Know What Your Kids Are Being Taught In Public School? Indoctrination In Public Schools

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School District threatens parent with "legal ramifications" if he goes public with evidence showing indoctrination in the classroom.

Indoctrination Outrage: California Teacher Uses Media Matters’ Anti-Fox News Article in ‘World History’ Class

by Kyle Olson
Imagine watching Fox News one night and your high school child walks into the room and proceeds to tell you that “Fox News lies!”
That happened to Nick Benson, a Californian who had two students enrolled at Barstow High School in San Bernardino County.
“How do you know that,” Benson said he asked the boy.  “My teacher told me,” was his grandson’s response
An editorial cartoon Barstow high school students read in "World History" class

Sure enough.  His grandson’s “World History” teacher, Jim Duarte, fed a steady dose of radical left wing propaganda to his students, disguised as classroom assignments.  It was like students were receiving their news from a slightly more sophisticated source than The Daily Show.
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