Reid Blasts Republicans For Playing Politics With Debt, Then Filibusters Own Bill

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Harry Reid, who accuses the Republicans of turning the debt ceiling debate into a circus, just upped the ante on how dysfunctional this Congress is. With "Baghdad" Dick Durbin and Chuckie "Schmuckie" Schumer, he went before the cameras last night to talk of the unseriousness of the House Republicans, in sending bills to the Senate which are not "serious". In addition, he said that the GOP should at least give his bill an "up or down vote".
You have to hand it to Reid. He has cojones the size of his considerable ego.  He calls for the up or down vote after "tabling" both Republican bills without up or down votes. Then he turns around and filibusters his own bill, moving the "artificial" August 2nd deadline one day closer.  It makes me wonder if this guy doesn't have political Tourettes.  He complains that the Republicans are the party of "just say no", while conveniently omitting that the Senate, under his "leadership", has not produced a budget (as required by law) in over 800 days.  Yet, without a budget, the Democrats have spent over $9 trillion in the last 2 and a half years. Still, Harry Reid claims it is the fault of Republicans that we are in this financial mess.  I believe that Reid is one small mini-stroke from drooling in his oatmeal.  I am not being totally facetious here either.  His mispronunciation of simple (like those with double "B's"), slurring, and his general speech patterns make me wonder if his mental acuity is starting to falter.These are not the thoughts of someone whose mind is "hitting on all cylinders".
Regardless, August 2nd looks to be a pipe dream for passage of a bill now.  But the world will not end on that day.  The economy will not collapse.  It is, and has always been an arbitrary date to creat a crisis, and "get something done".
Harry Reid and the Democrats know this, and this latest tactic shows that they know it.

Democrats Enforce Filibuster Against Their Own Debt Bill
by Stephen Dinan

Senate Republicans want a 60-vote threshold for a debt-limit bill to pass the chamber, but it's actually Democrats who are enforcing the filibuster on their own legislation, insisting on delaying a vote until 1 a.m. Sunday morning.

Republicans offered to let the vote happen Friday night, just minutes after the chamber voted to halt a House Republican bill. All sides expect Democrats' bill will fail too, and the GOP said senators might as well kill both at the same time so that negotiations could move on to a compromise.
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