England: You Are Entering A Shariah Controlled Zone-Islamic Rules Enforced

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British Muslims Urged to Reject Democracy, Embrace Shari’a-Ruled ‘Emirates’

Friday, July 15, 2011
By Patrick Goodenough

Part of a poster a Muslim group says it will put up in Muslim neighborhoods in Britain as part of its call for “emirates” to be established under Islamic law. (Image: Muslims Against Crusades)
 (CNSNews.com) – A British Islamic group known for its provocative publicity stunts says a borough in northeast London will be the first target of a campaign to establish “emirates” in the country – Muslim enclaves where shari’a law is enforced.

Waltham Forest, an area identified in the most recent census figures available as having the fifth-biggest proportion of Muslims – 15 percent – of any local authority in England or Wales, has been singled out by radicals behind the group calling itself Muslims Against Crusades (MAC).
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