Ft. Hood Terror Suspect Interviewed by Al Jazeera

Abdo said he doesn't believe that he could go to war, based on his faith. Apparently what he meant was that he couldn't fight radical Islamists. Killing infidels was not a problem. How many more of these "peaceful" Islamists have infiltrated our military ranks? As is stated in the CNN piece, roughly 12 thousand Muslims are in the military.
This was a man that once condemned the first Ft. Hood shootings. Was he simply being deceptive, or could the fact that 90% of the Muslim clerics in the military come out of Wahhabism, the most violent of the Islamic sects, have anything to do with it? What are many of these military Imams preaching and counseling to Muslim soldiers? The military and law enforcement need to look into this, and vet these Imams, who have great influence over their members.

Al-Jazeera - An Interview with Nasser Abdo

US Army PFC Abdo has had concerns about bieng deployed to a combat. He believes that his islamic faith doesn't permit him to participate in war or conflict the US Army is or will participate in.

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