Is This Man Today's John Galt of Atlas Shrugged?

Ronnie Bryant listened silently for a two hours as leftists and environmentalists "testified" of how business poisons the water and causes cancer. Finally Mr Bryant rose and told of his new underground coal mining operation. A mining operation which would employ 125-150 people at $50,000 to $150,000 a year. An operation that would purchase up to $50 million - %60 million of consumables from the local community, creating more jobs in the community. After listening to these ne'er-do-wells trash private business, and listen to the burdensome regulations that they want to impose on those businesses, he decided NOT to open his mine.
THIS is the story of radical environmentalism, with their junk science and alarmism. The bottom line is that the modern environmentalist movement is not pro-nature, the are anti-capitalism. The are Marxists.
The environmentalists probably thought that they won this little victory over this mean and evil entrepreneur, but in reality the real losers are the people who are going to continue to be unemployed in this community. Families with children, choosing between making their mortgage or buying food for their children.
Obama promised "shovel-ready jobs", and provided none. Here was a man who was offering, literally, shovel-ready jobs to this community, and good paying ones at that, yet the environmentalists are there to derail them, and those people are going to continue to be unemployed.
Remind me. Who are the "compassionate" ones again?

Posted by Brian
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