"Oppressor" Israel Teaches Palestinians/Jordanians Desalinization Technology

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Look how Israel treats the Palestinian Arabs: Part 2
Michael Ordman

I was astonished to discover over 60 positive news stories since July 2010 that never appeared anywhere except in the Israeli press. In this issue, I have just selected the areas that Israel has worked to bring environmental and economic assistance to the Palestinian Arabs.

In the Middle East, water is sometimes more important than blood. In Arab-Israeli peace talks, a whole track is devoted to the issue of fair distribution of water rights. Prior to the six-day war in 1967, most Arabs living in Judea and Samaria had no main water as Jordan was uninterested in providing them access to this vital resource. By 1991, 210 Arab towns in the territories had been connected to a running water system and Israel had transformed their farming using modern irrigation techniques. Just last month (June), Israelis, Palestinian Arabs and Jordanians built EcoCentres to make the most of scarce water supplies. Students from Israel, the PA, Malta, Lebanon, Tunisia, Italy, Greece, Turkey and the UK are working together currently on a project to protect their unique shared ecosystem.
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