Idiot Of The Day - Nancy Pelosi: Don't Connect Raising Debt Ceiling and Reducing Spending

The intellectually vapid former Speaker of the House once again treats us to her inarticulate meanderings into Washington-speak.
In this latest episode of wandering aimlessly in search of anything meaningful, she claims it's irresponsible to tie the increase of the debt ceiling to getting our budget under control. In her own words she states that we have raised the debt ceiling over 30 times since Reagan was president, which says to me that, aside from raising the debt ceiling more than once a year, Congress can't control their spending. Like drug addicts, even when revenues to the federal government increase, they spend all of it and borrow or steal even more to support their spending habit.
Just raising the debt ceiling is not going to solve this crisis. Without meaningful cuts and a responsible budget to assure our debtors that we are serious about getting our financial house in order, the financial markets are still going to lower the U.S. credit rating.
Nancy Pelosi is not an idiot for lying to the American people. For that, she is a dispicable troll. Nancy Pelosi is an idiot because she expects us all to believe the steady stream of lies that pour forth from her wrinkled pie hole.

Posted by Brian
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