"Fast & Furious" - Obama Admin. Effort To Limit 2nd Amendment Rights?

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Rep. Lankford: Lawmakers Exploiting Failed Gunrunner Operation to Limit 2nd Amendment

Wednesday, July 27, 2011
By Adam Sylvain

(CNSNews.com) – As Congress continues to investigate the failed gunrunning operation “Fast and Furious,” which funneled thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels that used them to commit crimes, Rep. James Lankford (R-Okla.) said that some lawmakers are using information from that program to start restricting Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

At a Bloggers Briefing at the Heritage Foundation on Tuesday, CNSNews.com asked Lankford, “Regarding Fast and Furious, have you heard Sen. Grassley’s (R-Iowa) comments that he thought this was possibly an effort by the administration to set up a case for restricting Second Amendment rights? And have you seen anything to that effect? And, also, what was the most compelling news that came out of today’s hearing?”
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