Affordable Care Act is Actually Obama's 'Holy Grail', not GOP's

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One has to wonder when the American people are going to wake up to the lies and hyperbole that vomit out of the mouth of Barack Obama on a nearly daily basis.  We know that the press is in a state of perpetual slumber under the spell of Rip van Obama, so invested are they in protecting this President.  However, there are indications that many Americans have snapped out of their 2008 "Obama is the messiah" trance as the scandals have piled up, and a majority now oppose ObamaCare, now that we've "(found) out what's in it".

Obama is now complaining (when isn't he complaining) of Republicans saying that they will not pass a spending bill unless the hugely unpopular ObamaCare is defunded.  So unpopular is ObamaCare, that even Democrats like Jimmy Hoffa and the unions are now opposing it.  Predictably, Obama goes to his favorite tactic of dividing and demonizing his opponents, claiming that the GOP wants to ensure "that 30 million people don't have healthcare", calling it their "holy grail", and claiming they have an "ideological fixation".

This is the language of the leftist, taken right out of Saul Alinski, Karl Marx, Fidel Castro, and every other communist and despot throughout history.  It is meant to paint a mental picture, no matter how distorted, of his opponents as heartless ogres hell-bent on seeing Americans suffer and die.

Of course, this isn't new.  Democrats have long used this tactic to demonize Republicans on environmental issues, entitlement reform, immigration, and abortion.

How many times have we heard that the GOP wants to "starve children", as part and parcel of their debate over the federal school lunch program?  Or, that Republicans want dirty water and dirty air when the issue is job-killing radical environmentalist legislation?  Conservatives want to see women die in "back-alley" abortions, and tear apart families of illegal immigrants who flood into the country.

Does anyone honestly believe that the Party of Lincoln wants to kill women and children, poison the water supply, and pollute the environment? An intellectually honest person would have to admit that these are just slogans by a Democrat Party which does not want an honest debate on the merits of what they support, and so chooses to hurl baseless accusations as their debating tactic.

Sadly, for a dumbed-down, low-information electorate who react emotionally rather than intellectually, hyperbole is effective.

So it is that we have the Divider-in-Chief, Barack Obama, now claiming that Republicans want 30 million Americans to go without healthcare.  That is, evil Republicans want 30 million of you to die! But, where does Obama get this 30 million figure? What he fails to  acknowledge to his legions is that this 30 million figure comes from the Congressional Budget Office who determined that ObamaCare itself would leave that number uninsured. This, after claiming that failure to pass ObamaCare would keep 30 million Americans uninsured.

Obama goes on to claim that defunding or repealing ObamaCare is the "Holy Grail" of for the GOP, while neglecting to admit that it was he and the Democrat Party who rammed through his signature piece of legislation without a single Republican vote, and half of the country opposing the bill at the time it was passed.

In the four years hence, opposition to ObamaCare has strengthened, with polls showing over 50% favor full repeal of the law.  Even prior to the 2012 election, Gallup reported that 87% of Republicans, 43% of Independents, and 14% Democrats strongly or somewhat opposed ObamaCare, with 47% of all Americans favoring full repeal of the law.

Republican opposition to the law reflects the growing dissatisfaction and concerns of the American electorate, while it is Obama who is continuing to ram this down the throat of Americans who indicate that they don't want it.

Who is it, Mr. President, who really sees this law as the Holy Grail?

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