Egypt: Muslim B'Hood Targets Christians and Churches While Obama Golfs, Kerry Sails, and MSM Ignores

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The mainstream media must be wondering how they could have gotten it so wrong.  The "Arab Spring" was something to be celebrated.  It was confirmation of the success of Barack Obama's foreign policy in the Middle East. It vindicated him to his Nobel Peace Prize critics. Only right-wing nut jobs could fail to see the glorious results that came from Obama's capitulating and kowtowing to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Those of us who criticized the Obama Administration, the MSM, and a number of the participants for their apparent naivete' in calling this a "democracy movement" were roundly criticized.

Yes, there were people in Egypt who naively believe that democracy was what they were getting.  This included Coptic Christians who aligned with a movement which included the Muslim Brotherhood, communists/socialists, and other left-wing groups, in that so-called "spontaneous" uprising. Now it is the Coptics who are paying a bloody price for their trust in a Muslim Brotherhood which states openly of a worldwide caliphate in which Christians, Jews, Hindus, and all other religions have no part.

Muslims celebrate the burning of a Christian church in Egypt

Apparently the Coptics, and everyone else, forgot the Muslim practice of "Taqiyya", which is Islamic sanctioned lying to non-believers for the Islamic cause.

The media are covering the violence from the standpoint of criticizing the army for the bloodshed against "pro-Morsi" supporters (read: The Muslim Brotherhood), giving body counts of those killed and wounded in the clashes.  Since the Vietnam War, the media just loves body counts as the impetus for their stories.

What is also happening, but which is receiving scant notice from the MSM, is the pogrom being waged on Egypt's Christian population from the Muslim Brotherhood and radical islamists.
Over fifty Christian churches and institutions were torched over two days. (Story)
Nuns are being marched through town like POW's. (Story)
A Christian cab driver is pulled from his vehicle and beaten to death. (Story)
Two Christian sibling sisters are sexually harassed and abused. (Story)

Why are the MSM seemingly unconcerned with this side of the story unfolding in Egypt? I have two theories.

One is that the media are just shocked that they could have been so totally wrong about the Arab Spring, and what it represented.  Everyone was supposed to be singing Kumbaya by now.  This was the dawning of the "Age of Aquarius" and the "second coming" rolled into one.  It was Woodstock! Peace, love, and understanding!  The MSM have been totally invested in this completely false narrative of promoting about the Muslim Brotherhood as "mainstream" and "moderate". Events since the Arab Spring uprisings have shown that this couldn't be further from the truth.. To report what is really going on is to admit their complicity in the sham.

Two is that the media are really not that interested in this, because the Obama Administration are not that interested in it.  For all of Obama's bluster about this crisis, which is growing by the day, he and his administrations' actions tell a completely different story.  With a crisis like this, which can have global effects, you might expect that his Cabinet and top advisors would be meeting daily to address this as it unfolds.  But this President continues with his Martha's Vineyard vacation, golfing with his Bain Capital cronies, and others.  No problem though, right?  Surely his new Secretary of State, John F. Kerry is all over it, calling world leaders, and giving the President hourly updates on everything, right?

Uh, no.

John Kerry is of to Nantucket to work on his sailboarding skills. No better time than a crisis to work on your cutbacks and feel the spray of the ocean in your face.

So maybe that's it!  The media ignores half of the story because Obama is unconcerned himself with what is happening to the Christians in Egypt.  To him, they are acceptable casualties in an agenda which is much grander.  The continued weakening of the United States.  Not just on the diplomatic side, but in every conceivable way.

There is a better than average chance that what is happening in Egypt could have catastrophic implications to the world oil supply if, as some are concerned about, the Suez Canal is shut down.  If oil were to spike to $180, $190, or even $300 a barrel, it will have a ripple effect throughout the entire globe. Combine this with the fact that Obama and the leftists in this country have removed 40% of the corn food supplies for the production of the inefficient ethanol (which also drives up beef and chicken feed prices), and you have the makings of not only an oil crisis, but a global affordable food crisis.  Everything from food to clothes to electricity - EVERYTHING - would skyrocket in cost, creating a global recession/depression, and probably a World War.

With these kinds of implications looming, a reasonable person with common sense would expect the President to address this looming crisis.  With the Bakken Reserve alone containing more oil than the entire Middle East, the fact that Obama continues to hold fast to a policy of minimizing the US's ability to retrieve this vast resource, including the repeated blocking of building the pipeline from Canada, speaks volumes about his overall agenda - he doesn't want the US to remain strong.

What is going on in Egypt is a disaster for the Obama Administration.  Allies are publicly saying that Obama and the US cannot be trusted on foreign policy, and that Obama "no longer has any clear idea of his country's global role" (Story).

The mainstream media and the Obama administration have blood on their hands, and the media will do everything in their power to protect themselves and Obama from the American people hearing the truth of how bad it really is, and how wrong they really were, and continue to be.

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