Romney Panders, Sells Out Conservative Principles In Puerto Rico

Posted by Brian

Romney in Puerto Rico: a case study in political pandering 
Published: 4:39 PM 03/16/2012

IPuerto Rico, for the price of 20 delegates, Mitt Romney sold out his conservative principles.
There is a long history of Congress requiring English to be the language of government and schools for territories seeking to be admitted to the Union — e.g., Louisiana, Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma. For all of the territories that had large non-English speaking populations, Congress announced before the territories voted on the question of statehood that a change in language policy would be a prerequisite for statehood. In the case of Puerto Rico, where according to the latest Census only 15% of residents are fluent in English, the English language requirement is common sense. Puerto Rico operates its government, courts and public schools in Spanish, which sets it apart from the 50 existing states.

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