Video: Watch The Racist Nascar Video ESPN Won't Air

Time to Rise Up and make our voices heard this election

Did you catch the blatant racism in this video?
Nascar Driver Blake Koch says:
Over half of all race fans didn't bother to vote in the last election. I know I was one of them. It is time for all of us, the entire NASCAR nation to rise up and make our voices heard this election. Please text USA to 41600 and join Rise Up and Register today. When you sign up, you become eligible to win this car. If you do win I'll deliver it myself.
How much more racist can you get? Everybody knows that most Nascar fans are a bunch of racist, toothless, beer drinking rednecks.  So it only follows that calling on the "Nascar nation" to "rise up", that Blake Koch is saying that we need to get the "black guy" out of office, right?
ESPN is saying that it has to do with religious "undertones" on Blake Koch's website, yet I don't hear him mention anything about his website, nor is there any smallprint in the ad which would direct you to his site. So I am left to wonder - what is the real reason that ESPN refuses to air this Get-out-the-vote ad? 
Maybe I'm not so far off in my twisted little brain as one might think.  Could it be that ESPN management is in the tank for Obama? If so, what might their line of thinking be? Probably the same as most other liberal elites:

Nascar fans are mostly conservative. Worse, they're rednecks.
Conservative = RACIST
Barack Obama is black
Racist rednecks won't vote for Obama
This ad targets Nascar fans (racist rednecks)
Conclusion: This ad is racist.

Or, it could be that they're anti-Christian, and most Nascar fans are conservative Christians (also racists and rednecks). Which brings me back to my original conclusion.

Since ESPN won't run this, I will.  Be sure to share this through e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, or other social sites.  And don't forget to to text USA to 41600. Maybe you'll win the car.
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