Great Britain: No Crosses Allowed, Hijabs & Turbans OK

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Presumably this also means that Jewish people not be allowed to wear a visibleStar of David either...unless of course the government decides to issue yellow cloth patches with the offending symbols to be sewn onto the left breast of clothing.

British Government: Christians Have No Right to Wear Visible Cross or Crucifix
By Patrick Goodenough March 12, 2012

(CNSNews.com) – Britain’s Conservative-led government plans to argue in a European Court of Human Rights case that employers are entitled to ban the visible wearing of crosses at work because displaying the symbol is not a recognized “requirement” of the Christian faith.
A document leaked to Britain’sSunday Telegraph outlines the argument the government plans to present at the tribunal in Strasbourg, France, where two Christian women will claim that their rights were violated when employers barred them from wearing crosses at work.
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