SWAT Teams Execute Man's Farm Animals With Shot Guns

I'm speechless on this one. No excuses are good enough. This was abuse of power, plain and simple.
From: http://video.foxnews.com/v/1173074923001/deer-executed-by-game-wardens-in-north-carolina/?playlist_id=86856

h/t to F. Kulick

Posted by Brian

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  1. So a man operates an illegal deer pen and ignores permitting procedures and the NCWRC is the bad guy for killing just 9 deer in an attempt to safeguard the states WHOLE deer population? CWD has been marching east and south for years. If it gets to our deer, we will lose THOUSANDS. The officials got a warrant from a judge...completely legal. NO abuse of power issues here. The owner is responsible for the deaths of his deer. All he had to do was get a permit.