Mark Levin: Chris Christie, Barack Obama, and the Cult Of Personality

A classic Mark Levin segment. Love or hate him, he ask questions which many hosts don't, or won't. He breaks down many of the actual issues which Chris Christie has less than stellar conservative credentials on - Global Warming, the 2nd Amendment, Obamacare, collective bargaining for public sector unions, et.al. Christie has gotten great mileage out of his You Tube confrontations with unions. Though entertaining, and with more than a few "hell yeah" moments, they only give a glimpse of where Christie stands on public policy issues
In addition to the Governor Christie segment, his passion in exposing the Presidency of Barack Obama, is both entertaining and inspiring.
Enjoy. This is Levin at his best.

Mark Levin cross examines Chris Christie and so far has no good answers to his questions. Mark comments on John Kornin (R) Texas. Then Mark comments on "La Raza" the left wing front group which is being financed with public funds. "Can somebody tell me what the Obama's are doing less with?" Mark comments on Michelle Obama's $1000 "tote" bag and Obama's parties, golf games and basket ball time and what a mess they are making of the country. 3/11/2011
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